Caretaker - Level Two Badge

Card count: 95
Card worth: 112

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Bingo Card

X 2 (38 spent on 08 Dec)


08.12.07 - Starter Pack - belanna15, belanna08, belanna06, proton08*, cast17, thaw01, hazaed02, 20 replicator rations
Prejoin Pack - belanna05, naomi10, season615, coda16, scarlett01, q07, layout101*, emh04*, 10 replicator rations
Comm Malfunction - black08, jennifer17, season319, caretaker24, futuresendpart112, arachnia14*, 2 replicator rations
Behind the Ship - arachnia03*
Freebies - seven02, admiral09, belanna03, belanna10 (choice)
Try your Luck - (Within 5) goodshepherd18, black16, belanna04(choice), belanna09 (choice), arachnia17* (choice special), 2 replicator rations
Lost Card - borginvasion18, black18, 2 replicator rations
Hangman - seven01, admiral15, 2 replicator rations
Naomi's Scrap Book - caretaker05, q207, emh03*, 2 replicator rations
Transporter Malfunction - queen06, futuresendpart116, 2 replicator rations
Updates - femaleq05, femaleq17, threshold11, threshold12, cast01, cast05, relax09, relax14, belanna01(choice), belanna12 (choice), arachnia11* (choice special), emh08*, emh13*, black02, black04, season114, season115, season209, season210, season314, season315, season409, season410, season509, season510, season608, season614, season714, season715, opening04, opening18, beforeandafter17, beforeandafter19

08.12.07 - Affiliation - black17, jeri12, 2 replicator rations
Mall - arachnia01*, arachnia02*, arachnia04*, arachnia07*, arachnia08*, arachnia09*, arachnia12*, arachnia13*, arachnia18* = (Choice special@3 = 27 Rations)
caretaker09, queen13, scarlett02, seven12, thaw16, (Special Offers@1 = 5 rations)
arachnia06*, arachnia16*, layout102* (Special Offers@2 = 6 rations)
Level Up (2) - belanna02 (choice), belanna07 (choice), (2 random normal and 1 random special pending)
Trade - admiral09, admiral15, to BJ for queen02, queen14
Trade - caretaker05, caretaker09, caretaker24 to Raven for queen03, relax01, relax07

Pending Trade Offers: q7, goodsheppard18 to Desbrina for emh06*

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