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Card worth: 87

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12.02.14 - Starter Pack - tiramisu20, tiramisu04, tiramisu11, californiarolls03, logcake08, cremebrulee12, broccoli20, breadbowls04, lemonmeringue15, pancakes02, chocolatechipcookies04, chocolatecoveredstrawberries07, hotchocolate20
Board Prejoin Freebies! - frenchtoast18, nigiri19, hotchocolate08, nigiri09, frenchtoast02, 3 coins
12.02.17 - Prejoin Updates - (Prejoiners can take cards from all updates. - 20 Dec 12 event01, shrimp16
11.12.21 - waffles15, icecream10, lemonmeringue12
11.12.28 - event02, avocado03, avocado06, coldcuts10, logcake06, logcake07, roastedchestnuts03, roastedchestnuts04, californiarolls04, 2 coins
12.01.12 - event03, tiramisu06, tiramisu08, chocolatechipcookies16, chocolatecoveredstrawberries18, eggssunnysideup14, caesarsalad13, greentea03, filetmignon06, lobster16
12.02.05 - event04, bentos12, breadbowls17, shrimp04
Games Rounds 3 & 4 (Play Twice!)
Lazy Suzy (Mashed Potatoes): caesarsalad01
Lazy Suzy (Asparagus): cremebrulee05, roastedchestnuts17, yoghurt16, lemonmeringue11, macaroons19
Food Fight: cupcakes16, chocolatechipcookies19, maplesyrup03, 2 coins
Food Fight: breadrolls10, coldcuts06, maplesyrup09, 2 coins
Dinner Date: bruschetta13, chocolatechipcookies14, chocolatecoveredstrawberries12, beefsteaks04, cupcakes19
Dinner Date: logcake18, chocolatecoveredstrawberries17, smoothies04, bolognese20, tiramisu01
Tic Tac Toe: eggssunnysideup04, filetmignon04, jellybeans05
Tic Tac Toe: frenchtoast05, nigiri04, cupcakes03
Slots: lobster05, cupcakes09
Slots: greentea17, chocolatechipcookies08
PEAptin: shrimp19, tiramisu17, shrimp19, 3 coins
PEAptin: caesarsalad11, hotchocolate17, 2 coins

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