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12.19.10 - Starter Pack - tiramisu19, tiramisu16, oranges15, dinnerrolls15, ramen15, prejoin10, lemonade18
About Delish - mc-Jupernia, mc-Sepia
12.19.10 - Advent 13 - grilledcheese01, eggnog05, pumpkinpie17
Advent 15 - lambchop08, gingerbreadhouse15, choice (red,green border)-watermelons05
Advent 17 - roastduck14, onionrings16, cappuccino18, pizza18
Advent 18 - gingerbreadhouse06, gingerbreadhouse19
Advent 20 - chiliconcarne13, choice card, pizza19, creamofmushroom20, applecrumble16, crepes06, lemonade05, roastduck03
12.19.10 - Advent 14 - candycane10, candycane12, candycane13
Advent 16 - scallops16, mashedpotatoes18, oranges02, cookiesncream08
Advent 19 - bellpepper06, ramen08, grilledcheese09, frenchfries09, choice card
Fish for Food - oysters08, sushi15
Slot Machine - cappuccino15, candycane18, choice card
Pantry Cleanup - creamofmushroom14, cappuccino17
Food Fight - grapes14, chickenndumplings11
Kitchen Mishap - lambchop15, prejoin09
Delicious Match - strawberries10, garlicbread11
Blackjack - eggnog12, redvelvetcake10, gingerbreadhouse08
Leftovers - greentea02
Lottery Card - spaghettibolognese05, applecrumble17
Food Scraps - scallops13, candycane17
Foreign Order - candycane20, smokedsalmon02
Food Popquiz - pineapple14, pizza09
Grocery Shopping - frenchfries10, cappuccino02
Buy Me This Brand - roastedturkey06, strawberryshortcake19, potatoskins09
Where in the World? - waffles13, spaghettibolognese15
Chef's Special - sushi16, scallops03, frozenyogurt13
01.08.11 - JuJu is a tad late with this.... - applepie07, latkes09, oreos04, roastedchestnuts13, tortellini07
I read to much really... champagne13, cremecaramel15, cupcakes12
Fish for Food: cocacola07, milk06, tortellini02
Slot Machine: tacos18, macarons11, choice card
Pantry Cleanup: milk07, pumpkinpie07
Food Fight: bloomingtea10, smokedsalmon12
Kitchen Mishap: ramen17, eggsbenedict07
Delicious Match: creamofmushroom07, sushi05
Blackjack: smokedsalmon11, satay06, friedchicken17
Leftovers: milk02
Lottery Card: ramen12, onionrings12
Foreign Order: sushi09, strawberryshortcake07, cocacola08, tacos17
Food Popquiz: candycane11, bloomingtea07
Grocery Shopping: hotchocolate14, oreos09
Buy Me This Brand: milk19, misosoup09, oreos15
Where in the World?: gingerbreadhouse09, candycane05
Level Up: tiramisu02, tiramisu03, pepsi13, misosoup12, oranges09

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