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Card count: 3248
Card worth: 3222

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Sugar and Spice - Lottery
Trades: 371 (04/20)


Starter Deck - applepie12, applepie15, applepie18, grilledcheese10, puto08, spookycookies 07, bananas12, drumsticks08, coconuts04, bagels17
Ingredients - salt, parmesan, canadian bacon, oil, pizza sauce
Recipe - Pumpkin Pie
Freebies - applepie06, bellpeppers18
Easy Puzzle - pomegranates18, tea05, parmesan, (lemon)
Food Glorious Food - tea20, grapes04, parmesan
Board Freebies - December: bellpeppers16, maple syrup06, tea19, apples01, noodles20, grilledcheese16, dimsum01, mushrooms18, chocolate 17, cinnamon03, watermelon17, hotfudge16, grilledcheese07, cinnamonraisinbread02*
Buffet #5 - cinnamon09, tea17
Recipe for Disaster - grapefruit08
Spillage - chocolatecake07, hotpeppers11, mangoes09 (cherry)
Supermarket Dash - fries12, hotsauce
Tickling Tastebuds - bbq10, bread18, canadian bacon
What's Cooking? - cocktails05, coleslaw20, cheddar, yeast
Cuisine - pinapple06, sugar
In the Kitchen - honey15, eclairs08, bellpeppers10, brownsugar
Mash - tomatoes06, hot fudge07, hotsauce, cheddar
Missing Ingredient - cupcakes06, cream cheese (grapes)
Mixing Bowl - blackberries17, frenchtoast07, tiramisu04, cream (lemon)
Movie Night - zuccini19, lollipops06, vanilla (lemon)
Trivia - kiwi01, baklava14, mozzarella (pear)
Wrong Ingredient - moussaka11, gnocchi11, hotsauce

Level Up (2) - applepie04(choice), beef20, coffee12, gum15, sugar, eggs, butter
Masterchef (lottery, potluck): masterchef01**, masterchef02**, cherries18, cream, sush08, flour

Cafe - 1 SPECIAL CARD OF CHOICE (events3)
Find the Cupcake - waffles19, croissants14, lemonmeringuepie05, pizzasauce, butter
Memory - broccoli05, bacon19, milk, butter
Scrambled - pizza16, cannolis04, bakingsoda; burgers18, mochi01, cheddar; coffe05, gnocchi07, sugar, cheddar; mochi03, frozentreat09, vanilla, brownsugar, salt (orange)
Hard Puzzle - recipe-bloodymary, puzzle06, hardcandy02, candybars02, pumpkins10, pinapple06 (dupicate), applepie16(choice), pizzacrust, mozzerella, pizzasauce (cherry)
Picnichunt - gingerbread01, gingerbread02, gingerbread03, gingerbread04, gingerbread05, gingerbread-master, macncheese12, mushrooms08, applepie01(choice), sugar, molasses
Blender - limes17, dragonfruit20, foodcoloring (cherry); icecream09, soda04, chocolate09, eggs, parmesan; eggs, mozarella; rootbeerfloats05, vinegar
Level Up (3) - applepie05(choice), applepie14, sushi05, liquor10, flour, cream, molasses
Kitchen - Bloody Mary: bloodymary01*, bloodymary01*, applepie02(choice), applepie03(choice), pasta19, soda05, oil, hotsauce
Used: tomatoes06, liquor10, hotsauce
Masterchef (kitchen, membercard): masterchef03**, masterchef04**, tiramisu07, eggs, mushrooms12, sugar
On the Menu - maplesyrup19, caviar10, eggs, vinegar (pear)
Crossword - applepie08(choice), blackberries16, bread08, eggs, milk (orange)
Kitchen - Pumpkin Pie: pumpkinpie01*, pumpkinpie01*, applepie11(choice), applepie13(choice), muffins14, tea15, salt, flour
Used: cinnamon09, pumpkins10, flour, salt, sugar, brown sugar, butter, 3 eggs
Grocery Store - Trading: 3 lemons = events05(choice)**, 1 cherry = applepie17 (choice), 1 cherry = tea10 (choice)
Level Up (4) - tea18(choice), liquor16, cinnamon14, pumpkins07, foodcoloring, eggs, vinegar
Put 'Em Together... - cinnamon01, garlicbread18, butter, brown sugar, pepperoni (watermelon)
Masterchef (badges): masterchef05**, olympics12, flour

Trade - coffee05, coffee12 to suza for tomatoes02, liquor14
Kitchen - Bloody Mary: bloodymary02*, bloodymary02*, tea11(choice), tea12(choice), chocolate07, caviar12, sausage, hotsauce
Used: tomatoes02, liquor14, hotsauce

Trade - kiwi01 to care11 for mushrooms13
Buffet #5 - cinnamon15, cinnamon16
Trade - garlicbread18 to care11 for applepie20

Trade - pineapple06, pumpkinpie01* to Bev for applepie09, applepie10, applepie19
Grocery Store - Trading: 1 cherry = applepie07 (choice), 1 watermelon = events04**
Master - (applepie) tea02, tea03, cannolis17, tea14, pineapple15, bakingsoda, vanilla, brown sugar

Masterchef (master 2 decks): masterchef06**, rice03, salt

Trade - grapes04 to Rainey for tea13

Buffet #5 - mushrooms07, cinnamon09
Various Rewards, Colleen - caviar13, grilledcheese05, spookycookies10, flour, pepperoni (cherry)
Freebies - tomateoes16, pomegranates10
Member Card - mc-syrenslure, caviar16, grafefruit09, milk
Lottery - 4 matches: 1 regular card of choice: tea01
Food Drive #17 - toast05
Trade - (Member Cards) amber, annemarie2, april, becky, bev, brad, care, cerri, christinaxo, emma, galanomne, hayley, helena, kai, kasumi, katty, korinee, layna, lisa, lucy, luli, lunacy, manda, mary2, mimi, mirraya, mystikad, pamela, primrose, rainey, raiza, sam, suza, trickster, hoshimori
Master - (memberx20) tea04, tea18, cinnamon09, chocolate14, halloween11, flour, mozzerella, eggs
Level Up (5) - tea06(choice), fishandchips02, blackberries18, bananas19, bakingsoda, butter, hot sauce
Masterchef (level5, 15 trades): masterchef07**, masterchef08**, guava02, flour, breakfast08, hot sauce
Level Up (6) - tea07(choice), tea08(choice), mangoes07, wontonsoup01, starfruit14, yeast, brown sugar, brown sugar
Easy Puzzle - mushrooms10, grapefruit20, creamcheese (orange)
Food Glorious Food - caramel11, hotfudge12, eggs
On the Menu - olympics09, waffles13, yeast, eggs (strawberry)
Put 'Em Together... - coleslaw11, halloween07, eggs, baking soda, cream cheese (grapes)
Recipe for Disaster - candybars19
Supermarket Dash - cocktails06, sausage
Tickling Tastebuds - creepycandy19, rice05, vanilla
What's Cooking? - cranberries16, muffins19, pizza crust, oil
Cafe - tiramisu03, cocktails13
Takeout - eclairs06, blackberries06, mozzerella, foodcoloring
Grocery Store - strawberry - molasses02 (to master the pantry!!!), cherry - tea09
Masterchef (pantry): masterchef09**, beef05, vinegar
Master - (pantry) mushrooms03, mushrooms04, bellpeppers19, chocolate03, maplesyrup14, vanilla, yeast, flour, recipe-hawaiianpizza (+10 points)
Kitchen - Hawaiian Pizza x2: hawaiianpizza01*, hawaiianpizza01*, hawaiianpizza02*, hawaiianpizza02*, mushrooms01, mushrooms2, mushrooms05, mushrooms06, olympics07, steak08, pecans15, rice18, pepperoni, mozzerella, cream, food coloring
Error Report - hotpeppers18
Donation Reward - mushrooms11 (choice), mushrooms14 (choice), bread03, fruits12, pinapple10, grapes01, apricots05, cream cheese, flour, oil
New Sets - avocados09, pears10, peas01, plums13, pricklypears16

Updates - raspberries07
Sidebar Freebies - pineapple12, macncheese11
Error Report - battenberg08

Crossword - tea16 (choice), baklava02, fruits15, chedder, flour, (watermelon)
Thanksgiving events11**, 1) cranberrysauce17, mash12, turkey13, applecider12, mash18, 2) yamdishes02, stuffing05, applecider10, stuffing12, gravy17, 3) yamdishes06, stuffing15, applecider07, applecider14, cranberrysauce10, 4) cranberrysauce15, cranberrysauce07, cranberrysauce19, applecider20, cranberrysauce20, 5) applecider09, cranberrysauce16, applecider09, cranberrysauce03, gravy20 6)applecider06, mash16, mash06, turkey14, cranberrysauce06, 7) applecider18, mash19, applecider16, turkey10, turkey06, 8) applecider17, cranberrysauce11, gravy15, mash10, stuffing01, turkey02, yamdishes20
Hidden Treats - cinnamonraisinbread10*, chocolatemousse06*, (orange)
Find the Cupcake raspberries20, hotfudge19, bloodymary08*, butter, brownsugar
Cuisine - passionfruit15, canadianbacon
In the Kitchen - guava06, chicken06, bread01, cream
MASH - cantaloupe14, toffeeapples10, pizza crust, sugar
Wrong Ingredient - milkshakes16, breakfast15, butter
Missing Ingredient - watermelon06, vanilla (cherry)
Trivia - pizza13, oranges10, hot sauce (cherry)
Movie Night - blueberries16, burgers06, vanilla (cherry)
Buffet #5 - tomatoes20, liquor13
Food Drive - Round #17 - applecider01, fooddrive17**
Kitchen - Bloody Mary x2: bloodymary03*, bloodymary03*, bloodymary04*, bloodymary04*, applecider02 (choice), applecider03 (choice), applecider05 (choice), applecider08 (choice), mealoaf15, scones19, broccoli05 (duplicate), coleslaw16, hot sauce, yeast, yeast, yeast
Kitchen - Hawaiian Pizza x2: hawaiianpizza03*, hawaiianpizza03*, hawaiianpizza04*, hawaiianpizza04*, applecider11 (choice), applecider13 (choice), applecider15 (choice), applecider19 (choice), zucchini18, bellpeppers09, rice14, rice06, parmesan, pizza sauce, brown sugar, hot sauce
Level Up (7) - mushrooms09(choice), mushrooms15(choice), pears14, macncheese07, jellybeans20
Level Up (8) - mushrooms16(choice), mushrooms20(choice), ginger03, avocados15, grapefruit20
Master - (tea) mushrooms17(choice), mushrooms19(choice), maplesyrup10, bagels16, guava07, sugar, flour, butter
Master - (mushrooms) cranberrysauce01(choice), cranberrysauce02(choice), guava11, guava14, caviar04, butter, oil, cheddar
Master - (applecider) cranberrysauce04(choice), cranberrysauce05(choice), dragonfruit18, licorice07, pecans17, milk, cream, oil

Trade - creepycandy19, soda04, soda05, spookycookies10 to mahorka for cannolis02, cannolis05, cannolis10, cannolis13 (+ membercards)

Grocery Store - 2 cherries, 1 watermelon for cranberrysauce08, cranberrysauce09, prejoin01
Lottery - cranberrysauce12
Spillage - hawaiianpizza07, tiramisu15, tomatoes07 (orange)

Buffet #5 - - tomatoes20, liquor13
Masterchef (food drive): masterchef10**, fruits17, pizzacrust
Kitchen - Bloody Mary : bloodymary05*, bloodymary05*, liquor12 (choice), liquor15 (choice), bento19, pasta14, butter, salt
Kitchen - Bloody Mary x2: bloodymary06*, bloodymary06*, bloodymary07*, bloodymary07*, cranberrysauce13 (choice), cranberrysauce14 (choice), cranberrysauce18 (choice), cinnamon01(choice), applecider14 (duplicate), pumpkins06, coconuts08, garlicbread04, eggs, eggs, yeast, salt
Kitchen - Pumpkin Pie x2: pumpkinpie02*, pumpkinpie02*, pumpkinpie03*, pumpkinpie03*, cinnamon03(choice), pumpkins08(choice), pinapple01(choice), pinapple02(choice), candybars05, goulash02, lollipops10, cottoncandy09, pizza sauce, pizza crust, cream cheese, mozzerella
Master - (cranberrysauce) cannolis01(choice), cannolis03(choice), noodles19, ginger15, bananas20, oil, vinegar, food coloring
Level Up - (09) cannolis12(choice), cannolis20(choice), hotpeppers10, mangoes02, soda11

Trade - avocados09, gravy17, mash10, mash16, mash18, mash19, pears14, plums13, raspberries07, raspberries20, stuffing01, stuffing05 to Bev for bloodymary09*, bloodymary10*, liquor12, tiramasu02, tiramasu5, tiramasu9, tiramasu11, tiramasu12, tiramasu13, tiramasu18
Trade - rice06, rice14, candybars05, candybars19, lollipops06, burgers18, dragonfruit18, dragonfruit20, fishandchips02, muffins14, noodles19 to Rainey for baklava03, 05, tiramisu06, 20, cinnamon 08, 13, 18, chocolatecake04*, popcornballs01*
Master - (bloody mary) prejoin02**(choice), cannolis15(choice), cannolis16(choice), lollipops01, salad06, milkshakes20, eggs, eggs, pepperoni
Grocery Store - 2 cherries, 5 oranges = icecream16, soda09, root beer float recipe
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats01*,rootbeerfloats01*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), spaghetti07, trifle05, eggs, brownsugar
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats02*,rootbeerfloats02*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), plums07, hotfudge04, salt, flour
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats03*,rootbeerfloats03*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), raisins12, noodles06, cream, milk
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats04*,rootbeerfloats04*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), blackberries06 (duplicate), strawberries15, brownsugar, milk
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats06*,rootbeerfloats06*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), candybars05, baklava15, molasses, sugar
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats07*,rootbeerfloats07*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), grapefruit02, papayas04, canadianbacon, mozzarella
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats08*,rootbeerfloats08*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), lasagna13, popcorn14, flour, baking soda
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats09*,rootbeerfloats09*, icecream16 (choice), soda09 (choice), papayas12, toffeeapples20, pizzacrust, butter
Kitchen - Rootbeerfloat : rootbeerfloats10*,rootbeerfloats10*, cannolis18 (choice), tiramisu16 (choice), rhubarb05, paella17, brownsugar, eggs
Kitchen - Hawaiian Pizza: hawaiianpizza05*, hawaiianpizza05*, tiramisu17 (choice), tiramisu19 (choice), sashimi14, liquor12, creamcheese, eggs Master - (rootbeerfloats) prejoin03**(choice), tiramasu01 (choice), tiramasu10 (choice), maplesyrup07, cheese18, cheese17, cream, foodcoloring, vanilla
Level Up - (10) tiramisu08(choice), tiramisu14(choice), baklava06, raspberries18, pecans09
Master - (tiramisu) - cinnamon02(choice), cinnamon04(choice), oatmeal13, blackberries08, chicken13, pizzacrust, baking soda, butter
Kitchen - Pumpkin Pie : pumpkinpie04*, pumpkinpie04*, cinnamon06(choice), cinnamon07(choice), lollipops16, sushi10, brownsugar, salt
Shopping List - fishandchips03, fruits09, flour, brown sugar (cherry) Masterchef Game: Appetizers - moussaka01, butter (pear)
Masterchef Game: Buffet - liquor20, baguettes12, muffins15, baklava17, pierogi08
Masterchef Game: Card Puzzle - onigiri02, cinnamon16, yeast, eggs
Masterchef Game: Chef - cinnamon20 (choice)
Masterchef Game: Fast Food - grapefruit11, spookycookies06, butter (strawberry)
Masterchef Game: Go Fishing Again - salt
Masterchef Game: Hangman - empanadas16, puto19 (pear); burgers14, pears16 (pear); garlicbread11, satay09 (cherry); apricots06, guava03 (lemon)
Masterchef Game: Spillage - Extra Messy - hawaiianpizza10, pumpkinpie06, celery06, pancakes01, pancakes06 (grapes, watermelon)
Masterchef Game: Stocking Up - flour, canadianbacon, salt, eggs, eggs
Index Freebies - turkey05, yamdishes19
Updates - recipe-irishcream, milk09, tofu08, yams04
Trade Rewards - trades01**, prejoin03**, cinnamon11, cinnamon19, candycorn09, candycorn09, cupcakes14, crackers02, muffins17, cream cheese, flour, canadianbacon
Mixing Bowl - noodles02, pumpkins13, pumpkins04, creamcheese (watermelon)
Memory - ramen07, pomegranates20, eggs, sugar
Error Report - hotpeppers03
Hard Puzzle - recipe-jalopenopopper, puzzle07**, pumpkins08, blueberries01, pavlova11, liquor15, cinnamon05(choice), creamcheese, mozzerella, pizzasauce (watermelon)
Easy Puzzle - tomatoes07, fishandchips16, mozzerella (cherry)
Food Glorious Food - cremebrulee14, licorice16, pizzasauce
On the Menu - candybars20, watermelon02, milk02, sugar (strawberry)
Put 'Em Together - figs14, noodles11, milk01, mozzarella, molasses (lemon)
Recipe for Disaster - burnt07
Spillage - pumpkinpie10*, burgers02croissants20 (watermelon)
Supermarket Dash - lasagna03, mozzerella
Takeout - olympics04, hotpeppers09, sausage, foodcoloring
Tickling Tastebuds - honey19, pineapple03, eggs
What's Cooking? - watermelon11, macncheese20, eggs, eggs
Kitchen - Pumpkin Pie x3: pumpkinpie05*, pumpkinpie05*, pumpkinpie07*, pumpkinpie07*, pumpkinpie08*, pumpkinpie08*, cinnamon11(choice), cinnamon13(choice), cinnamon14(choice), pineapple13(choice), liquor11(choice), liquor04(choice), oatmeal15, frenchtoast05, halloween19, pumpkins14, honey08, crackers14, oil, mozzarella, canadianbacon,eggs,
Kitchen - Jalapeno Poppers x5: jalapenopoppers01*, jalapenopoppers01*, jalapenopoppers02*, jalapenopoppers02*, jalapenopoppers03*, jalapenopoppers03*, jalapenopoppers04*, jalapenopoppers04*, jalapenopoppers05*, jalapenopoppers05*, hotpeppers01(choice), hotpeppers02(choice), hotpeppers04(choice), hotpeppers05(choice), hotpeppers06(choice), starfruit10, grapefruit12, trifle10, cherries08, tofu07, milk18, pavlova03, puto19 (duplicate), beef20 (duplicate), pretzels11, canadianbacon, eggs, mozzarella, mozzarella, eggs, cream, creamcheese, oil, eggs, eggs
Kitchen - Hawaiian Pizza x3: hawaiianpizza06*, hawaiianpizza06*, hawaiianpizza08*, hawaiianpizza08*, hawaiianpizza09*, hawaiianpizza09*, hotfudge01 (choice), hotfudge02 (choice), hotfudge03 (choice), liquor17 (choice), liquor18 (choice), liquor19 (choice), creepycandy20, maplesyrup05, cheese12, sashimi06, olympics08, jellybeans17, eggs, pepperoni, cream cheese, vanilla, parmesan, oil,
Level Up - (11) hotfudge12(choice), hotfudge16(choice), gnocchi07 (duplicate), cottoncandy19, empanadas20
Level Up - (12) liquor06(choice), liquor08(choice), chicken13 (duplicate), toffeeapples19, muffins06
Master - (hawaiianpizza) prejoin04**(choice), cinnamon10 (choice), cinnamon12 (choice), lemons13, soda16, chicken01, cream, eggs, oil
Kitchen - Pumpkin Pie : pumpkinpie09*, pumpkinpie09*, caviar14, cannolis01 (duplicate), oil, hotsauce
Master - (pumpkinpie) prejoin05**(choice), baklava08 (choice), baklava09 (choice), olives20, creepycandy12, salad08, oil, cream, vinegar
Kitchen - Irish Cream x5: irishcream01*, irishcream01*, irishcream02*, irishcream02*, irishcream03*, irishcream03*, irishcream04*, irishcream04*, irishcream05*, irishcream05*, milk03(choice), milk04(choice), milk05(choice), milk06(choice), milk07(choice), milk08(choice), milk14(choice), milk15(choice), milk16(choice), milk17(choice), croissants15, guava17, grilledcheese18, jackolantern02, guava09, ginger12, sushi20, onigiri10, grilledcheese08, lemons15, vanilla, cream, brownsugar, flour, eggs, cream, cheddar, eggs, molasses, mozzerella
Lottery - cinnamon17
Food Drive #18 - hardcandy17, cinnamon12
Level Up - (13) hotfudge07(choice), milk10(choice), apricots18, bananas19 (duplicate), caramel17
Master - (cinnamon) milk11(choice), milk12 (choice), pears19, soda17, cranberries09, vanilla, eggs, pizza sauce
Kitchen - Jalapeno Poppers x2: jalapenopoppers06*, jalapenopoppers06*, jalapenopoppers07*, jalapenopoppers07*, milk13 (choice), milk19 (choice), limes10, honey14, meatloaf13, icecream15, butter, yeast, cream, vanilla
Kitchen - Irish Cream x3: irishcream06*, irishcream06*, irishcream07*, irishcream07*, irishcream08*, irishcream08*, milk20 (choice), cannolis06(choice), baklava01(choice), baklava04(choice), baklava07(choice), baklava10(choice), breakfast12, coffee08, peaches18, passionfruit06, croissants08, gummies08, cream, parmesan, butter, mozzerella, sugar, mozzerella
Trade - breakfast08, breakfast15, croissants14, oatmeal13, noodles11, pasta14, pizza13, pizza16 to Care for cannolis07, cannolis08, cannolis09, cannolis11, cannolis14, cannolis19, caviar05, caviar08
Master - (milk) baklava16(choice), baklava18(choice), celery04, cremebrulee05, bread11, pizzasauce, flour, eggs
Master - (cannolis) baklava19(choice), baklava20(choice), lasagna09, bananas03, bananas17, canadianbacon, cream, pizzacrust

Grocery Store - 4 strawberries, 3 pears - 3 creamcheese, 2 eggs
Kitchen - Jalapeno Poppers x3: jalapenopoppers08*, jalapenopoppers08*, jalapenopoppers09*, jalapenopoppers09*, jalapenopoppers10*, jalapenopoppers10*, baklava11(choice), baklava12(choice), baklava13(choice), guava18, coleslaw10, avocados19, fruits13, passionfruit02, pizza18, pizzacrust, hotsauce, salt, brownsugar, foodcoloring, vanilla
Kitchen - Irish Cream x2: irishcream09*, irishcream09*, irishcream10*, irishcream10*, pomegranates01(choice), pomegranates02(choice), pomegranates16(choice), pomegranates17(choice), ginger04, meatloaf11, edam09, mushrooms11, creamcheese, butter, pizzacrust, mozzerella

Trade - ginger03, ginger12, ginger15, cinnamon12, cinnamon16, rhubarb05, strawberry15, lemon13, lemon15 to Carefor sushi11, sushi13, sushi17, pomegranates06, pomegranates07, pomegranates09, pomegranates11, pomegranates12, pomegranates15
Trade - recipe-veggiepizza, veggiepizza01*, veggiepizza02*, veggiepizza03*, veggiepizza05*, veggiepizza06*, veggiepizza07*, veggiepizza08*, veggiepizza09* to HayleyW for recipe-hawaiianpizza, hawaiianpizza01*, hawaiianpizza02*, hawaiianpizza03*, hawaiianpizza04*, hawaiianpizza05*, hawaiianpizza06*, hawaiianpizza08*, hawaiianpizza09*
Updates - layout09
Advent - Day 1 - parsnips12, turkey15, candycanes08, advent22
Kitchen Creation Card Values Changed.
Master - (baklava) pomegranates04(choice), pomegranates05(choice), olives09, lychees14, spookycookies15, hot sauce, molasses, baking soda
Error Report - apples19
Level Up (14, 15) pomegranates14(choice), pomegranates19(choice), pomegranates08(choice), pomegranates13(choice), paella09, cheese17(duplicate), hardcandy03, candycorn08, mushrooms14, mangoes03

Kitchen - Veggie Pizza: veggiepizza04*, veggiepizza04*, caviar07(choice), pomegranates03(choice), pomegranates06(choice), jellybeans07, 4thjuly13, cream, pepperoni
Trade Rewards - prejoin06**(choice), pomegranates03(choice), pomegranates06(choice), strawberries16, hotfudge08, macncheese18, croissants06, olympics13, salt, eggs, vanilla Kitchen - Veggie Pizza: veggiepizza10*, veggiepizza10*, caviar17, caviar18, caviar19, bread07, sushi15, yeast, yeast
Master - (pomegranates) sushi01(choice), sushi02(choice), halloween12, chicken14, cheese09, foodcoloring, bakingsoda, mozzerella

Advent - Day 2 - christmas14, soup17, chestnuts01, advent19

Advent - Day 3 - hotchocolate03, eggnog04, christmas10, advent02 Masterchef Game: Appetizers - cantelope06, cream (grapes)
Masterchef Game: Buffet - lasagna19, croissants01, bellpeppers12, grapes01 (duplicate), raspberries20
Masterchef Game: Card Puzzle - pears17, tomatoes17, vanilla, salt
Masterchef Game: Chef - candycanes06 (choice)
Masterchef Game: Fast Food - lemons20, apricots11, eggs (strawberry)
Masterchef Game: Go Fishing Again - salt
Masterchef Game: Hangman - pizza02, oatmeal11 (orange); sushi04, sushi14 (pear); bbq01, mushroom10 (duplicate) (pear); oatmeal19, icecream18 (lemon)
Masterchef Game: Hidden Treats - redvelvetcake01, lemonmeringuepie10 (lemon)
Masterchef Game: Spillage - Extra Messy - cheesecake07**, buffalowings03***, pecans20, fruits07, broccoli06 (cherry, lemon)
Masterchef Game: Stocking Up - sugar, milk, eggs, milk, eggs
Master (irish cream) - prejoin07**, caviar01, caviar02, goulash19, coffee01, candycanes17, milk, vinegar, eggs
Master (jalapenopoppers) - prejoin08**, caviar03, caviar06, toast19, milkshakes07, frozentreat15, oil, cheddar, molasses
Master (veggiepizza) - prejoin09**, caviar09, caviar11, salad09, goulash14, onigiri08, canadianbacon, oil, mozzerella
Level Up - (16) caviar16, caviar20, pierogi02, waffles10, sausages05
Master (caviar) - sushi06, sushi07, liquor12, pierogi14, pasta05, mozzerella, cheddar, vinegar

Advent - Day 4 - eggnog13, fruitcake06, eggnog14, advent06

Advent - Day 5 - hotchocolate17, candycanes02, fruitcake07, advent07

Advent - Day 6 - sprouts01, squash11, gingerbread05, advent16

Advent - Day 7 - stuffing13, applecider19, gingerbreadhouse09, advent12

Advent - Day 8 - gingerbread19, mulledwine20, greenbeans12, advent26
Index Freebies - wontonsoup17, cantaloupe08
Grocery Store - CLOSING DOWN SALE - 3 grapes, 3 pears, 3 lemons, 1 strawberry, 1 watermelon = 4 ingredients, 2 regular, 4 special of choice. = prejoin10, cinnamonraisinbread01, cinnamonraisinbread02, cinnamonraisinbread04, candycanes18, candycanes19, eggs. eggs, eggs, eggs

Advent - Day 9 - eggnog20, yulelog20, ham01advent15
Picnic Hunt - swisschhese01, swisschhese02, swisschhese03, swisschhese04, swisschhese05, sushi09, milk02 (duplicate), food coloring, salt, sushi12 (choice)
Master (prejoin) - cinnamonbread05, candycanes12, candycanes13, candycanes14, greenbeans01, coffee13, muffins09, cheese20, dips03, flour, pizzasauce, pepperoni
Trade - christmas14, liquor12, tomatos07, cocktails05, cocktails06 to Allison for lemonmeringue01, sushi03, candycanes05 (+mc)
Scrambled - lasagna08, frozentreat14, eggs, toast14, croissants04, brownsugar, grapefruit04, pumpkins07, sausage, molasses, waffles02, frenchtoast20, eggs, sugar, molasses (strawberry)
Grocery Store - CLOSING DOWN SALE - strawberry = eggsx2
Go Fishing - dips08, salt
Cuisine - nutmeg08, creamcheese
In the Kitchen - croissants16, peaches20, christmas08, flour
Mixing Bowl - frozentreat07, kiwi15, pavlova05, yeast (grapes)
Movie Night - goulash01, sashimi09, sugar (watermelon)
Trivia - blackberries01, pavlova18, pizzasauce (watermelon)
Wrong Ingredient - fries07, meatpie09, sausage

Index Freebies bagels05, canteloupe02
Advent - Day 12 - gravy04, parsnips04, milkandcookies03, advent27, recipe-milkandcookies
Advent - Day 10 - plumpudding14, candycanes15, hotchocolate01, advent27 (duplicate)
Advent - Day 11 - mulledwine09, candycanes03, marzipan04, advent30
Advent - Day 13 - mincepie05, roasties20, mincepie16, advent29
Updates (01/11) - beans12, fastfood26, fastfood27, fastfood29, ethnic24, ethnic27, ethnic28
Cafe - fruits05, satay15
Blender - corn02, eggs, coconuts17 (coupon); greenbeans13, pavlova09, cremebrulee16, mozzarella, molasses; canadianbacon, mozzarella; gingerbreadcookies05, bakingsoda
Easy Puzzle - caramel04, lemons18, frenchtoast18, yeast
Food Glorious Food - meatloaf06, caramel09, oil
On the Menu - gum11, pasta15, lettuce18, foodcoloring, eggs
Put 'Em Together... - bread02, pricklypears10, creamcheese, brownsugar, butter
Recipe for Disaster - jellybeans11
Takeout - cranberries04, spookycookies17, parmesan, eggs
Tickling Tastebuds - lemons14, cinnamon18, salt
What's Cooking? - papayas06, 4thjuly03, mozzarella, bakingsoda
Spillage - popcornballs05, ethnic11, pears09, bellpeppers18
Supermarket Dash - muffins20, spookycookies09, milk
Trading Pot - beef20 for popcorn05

Fruit Replacement - recipe-chocolatecake, grapes09, pineapple20, gingerbreadcookies10, shooflypie07, cheesecake08, vanilla (couponsx7)
Advent - Day 14 - gingerbread02, soup11, mulledwine13, advent03
Advent - Day 15 - shortbread03, hotchocolate18, parsnips10, advent08

Trade - member cards with Aris
Trade - bento19 and jellybeans07, to Shawnna for advent04, yulelog08, (& mc)
Trade - bagels16, breakfast12, candycorn09, christmas08, christmas10, starfruit10, starfruit14 to Sam for sashimi08, sashimi12, yulelog03, yulelog04, yulelog11, yulelog12, yulelog17 (+ member cards)
Trade - advent27, dips03 & tofu07 to HayleyW for my sashimi07, sashimi13, sashimi15
Trade - blueberries01, cremebrulee14, cremebrulee16, fries12, bread02, bread03, bread08, cupcakes06, cupcakes14, mangoes09, pancakes06 and pomegranates06 to Suza for mulledwine11, sashimi04, sashimi16, chocolatecake02**, chocolatemousse05** and chocolatemousse07**
Advent - Day 16 - marzipan02, sprouts11, plumpudding15, advent05
Advent - Day 17 - sprouts19, sprouts14, roasties19, advent01
Advent - Day 18 - squash16, stollen19, shortbread13, advent20
Advent - Day 19 - christmas13, candycanes10, soup13, advent28
Advent - Day 20 - mulledwine02, mulledwine05, sprouts08, advent29 (duplicate)
Advent - Day 21 - mulledwine15, candycanes16, squash12, advent23
Advent - Day 22 - parsnips16, gingerbread07, stollen08, advent21
Advent - Day 23 - gravy08, fruitcake11, xmascookies09, advent25
Advent - Day 24 - chestnuts16, mincepie14, yulelog07, advent10
Advent - Day 25 - eggnog19, sprouts05, ham08, advent11, advent13

Index Freebies popcorn20, apricots15
Updates (02/07) - bananasplits07, strawberrysmoothies06, spagbol08
Updates (02/15) - mayonnaise07, jacketpotato10, custard06
Lottery #6 (2 matches) tofu19, olives01
Find the Cupcake - carrotcake03, burgers13, noodles03, yeast, hot sauce
Scrambled - apples07, breakfast12, flour, spaghetti01, fries12, baking soda, carrots09, toast10, oil, sugar, raspberries08, nutmeg06, crackers17, sugar, milk
Hard Puzzle - greenbeans04, ham06, parsnips06, bananas18, beans13, sugar, sugar, mozzerella, recipe-popcornballs, puzzle08 (coupon) Memory - grains05, icecream03, eggs, flour
Crossword - chocolate02, honey05, oil, pepperoni (coupon)
Blender - cupcakes20, mincepie17, lollipops17, baking soda, (coupon), raspberries09, ginger11, wontonsoup07, oil, sugar, vanilla, sausage, sugarcookies05*, sugar
Cafe - cinnamonraisinbread09*, chocolatechipcookies04*
Easy Puzzle - sushi19, lime07, yulelog01, butter
Food Glorious Food - gingerbreadhouse07, beans16, beef04, flour
On the Menu - eggnog15, candycanes09, breast02, sugar, sugar
Put' Em Together... - onigiri11, paella04, butter, eggs
Recipe for Disaster - burnt05
Spillage - wheatbread03, lettuce01, potatoes02, strawberries13
Supermarket Dash - tomatoes17, honey06, crackers17, mozzerella
Takeout - tomatoes10, shortbread03, salt, butter
Tickling Tastebuds - bellpeppers03, paella02, flour
What's Cooking - watermelon12, dimsum13, baking soda, parmesan
Cuisine - chocolate20, sushi18, butter
Go Fish - pumpernickelbread09, yulelog06, sugar, recipe-sugarcookies, (coupon)
In the Kitchen - wraps20, strawberries11, advent14, cheddar
Mash - tuna01, milk12, honey09, flour, flour
Missing Ingredient - strawberries03, salt
Mixing Bowl - garlic16, sprinkles20, toast02, butter
Movie Night - tomatoes17, chocolate20, advent17, sugar
Trivia - chicken15, corn09, rhubarb20, sugar
Wrong Ingredient - cinnamon07, spaghetti10, toast13, salt
Masterchef - Appetizers - toffeeapples17, carrots07, flour
Masterchef - Buffet - yulelog14, candycanes07, milk15, toffeeapples05, cheese04,
Masterchef - Card Puzzle - squash06, gingerbread12, oil, sugar
Masterchef - Chef - (coupon)
Masterchef - Fast Food - christmas09, toffeeapples18, lime04, cheddar
Masterchef - Go Fishing Again - spagbol01, wheatbread04, cottoncandy11, salt, recipe-mayonnaise, (coupon)
Masterchef - Hangman - advent18, 4thjuly15, applepie20, chocolate09, chocolate07, liquor19, honey04, lime13,
Masterchef - Hidden Treats - milkandcookies04, chocolate11,
Masterchef - Spillage - Extra Messy - sugarcookies09, tunapastabake02, candycanes11, bbq12, latkes09,
Masterchef - Stocking Up - oil, oil, butter, flour, mozzerella

Index Freebies limes15, salad15
Updates - loyout09, layout10, beansontoast04, custard03, jacketpotato03, mayonnaise01, tunapastabake01, bananasplits10, chocmuffins02, fajitas01, spagbol10, strawberrysmoothies10
Trade - mulledwine02, mulledwine05, eggnog15, gingerbread07, gingerbreadhouse07, greenbeans04, ham08, ham06, hotchocolate17, hotchocolate18, marzipan02, mincpie05, mincepie16, parsnips06, parsnips16, plumpudding15, prickleypears10, shortbread03, shortbread13, soup13, sprouts05, sprouts08, sprouts11, sprouts14, stollen08, stollen19, stuffing13, xmascookies09 to Bev for advent24, fastfood05, fastfood11, fastfood13, fastfood18, sashimi19, shortbread04, shortbread08, shortbread10, beans16, chicken15, corn09, icecream03, popcorn01, popcorn02, popcorn03. popcorn06, popcorn12, popcorn13, tomatoes17, strawberries01, strawberries03, strawberries12, strawberries14, strawberries15, strawberries16, strawberries19, strawberries20
The Kitchen - (Popcorn Balls) popcornballs02, popcornballs02, cantaloupe01, apples07, eggs, vanilla
The Kitchen - (Popcorn Balls) popcornballs03, popcornballs03, cocktails16, blackberries01, brown sugar, baking soda
The Kitchen - (Popcorn Balls) popcornballs04, popcornballs04, pasta19, bbq06, vinegar, pizza sauce
The Kitchen - (Mayonnaise) mayonnaise02, mayonnaise02, fries10, eclairs12, pizza crust, vanilla
The Kitchen - (Mayonnaise) mayonnaise03, mayonnaise03, shortbread12, applecider03, molasses, flour
The Kitchen - (Sugar Cookies) sugarcookies02, sugarcookies02, pomegranates01, carrots19, creamcheese, pepperoni
The Kitchen - (Sugar Cookies) sugarcookies03, sugarcookies03, coffee18, candycorn03, eggs, pepperoni
The Kitchen - (Sugar Cookies) sugarcookies04, sugarcookies04, parsnips11, muffins18, pizzacrust, flour
Master - (advent) milkandcookies02, sushi16, candycanes01, liquor13, fishandchips03, xmascookies13, coconuts11, caviar19, molasses, flour, butter
Master - (sushi) candycanes04, candycanes20, breakfast05, soda10, satay06, milk, milk, milk
Master - (candycanes)fastfood28, fastfood30, bacon06, tomatoes11, onions12, mozzerella, cream, flour
Hard Puzzle - baguettes19, limes01, baklava02, hotchocolate12, yogurt06, flour, canadianbacon, cream, recipe-meatpizza, puzzle09 (coupon)
The Kitchen - (Meat Pizza) meatpizza01, meatpizza01, scones01, passionfruit01, salt, cream
The Kitchen - (Meat Pizza) meatpizza02, meatpizza02, watermelon19, hotchocolate04, vinegar, milk
The Kitchen - (Meat Pizza) meatpizza03, meatpizza03, tomatoes12, pasta01, hot sauce, bakingsoda
Level Up - (17, 18, 19) fastfood21, fastfood22, fastfood23, fastfood24, fastfood25, ethnic25, lemons15, raisins10, scones11, lasagna17, frozentreat04, meatpie14, oranges01, breast12, garlic16
Trade Rewards (150) milkandcookies01, ethnic29, ethnic30, trader03, cremebrulee18, pierogi11, frozentreat08, pretzels12, paella14, butter, oil, butter
Master - (memberx20) ethnic23, ethnic26, doughnuts09, garlic12, scones06, sugar, vinegar, butter

Picnichunt - candybox01, candybox02, candybox03, candybox04, candybox05, candybox-master, pretzels04, grapes02, advent09(choice), canadian bacon, baking soda

Index Freebies soda05, grilledcheese12
Updates - recipe-cinnamonraisinbread, (double rewards), preserves15, redfood22, redfood28, rolls09, fortunecookies06
Lottery (2 matches) strawberries01, chocolate16, eclairs04, 4thjuly08
Trade - Avocados 15, Empanadas 20, Grapefruit 08, Grapefruit 20, Pears 16, Pears 17, Beans 12, Blueberries 01, Blueberries 16, Christmas 08, Christmas 09, Christmas 13, Croissants 04, Croissants 06, Croissants 08, Croissants 15, Croissants 16, Croissants 20, Dips 08, Eggnog 13, Eggnog 19, Eggnog 20, Fruitcake 06, Fruitcake 07, Fruitcake 11, Garlic 12, Gingerbread 05, Gingerbread 07, Gingerbread 12, Gingerbread 19, Gingerbread House 09, Green Beans 01, Green Beans 13, Ham 06, Ham 08, Hot Chocolate 01, Hot Chocolate 03, Ice Cream 09, Ice Cream 15, Ice Cream 18, Lettuce 18, Marzipan 04, Mince Pie 17, Mulled Wine 09, Mulled Wine 13, Mulled Wine 15, Mulled Wine 20, Nutmeg 06, Nutmeg 08, Pancakes 01, Parsnips 10, Parsnips 12, Peas 01, Plum Pudding 14, Plum Pudding 15, Plums 07, Prickly Pears 16, Ramen 07, Roasties 19, Roasties 20, Soup 11, Soup 17, Sprouts 01, Sprouts 19, Squash 11, Squash 16, Stollen 08, Watermelon 02, Watermelon 11, Watermelon 12, Watermelon 17, Watermelon 19, Wonton Soup 01, Wonton Soup 07, Yams 04, Zucchini 19 for: Shortbread 06, Meat Pizza 04, 05, 07, 08, Pumpernickel Bread 01, 02, 03, 07, Chocolate Cake 01, Chocolate Chip Cookies 03, 06, Chocolate Mousse 02, 04, 08, 09, 10, Lemon meringue 03, 04, Popcorn Balls 10, Buffalo Wings 05, 07, 10, Gingerbread Men 04, Milk and Cookies 06, Splits 08 (&mc)
Trade - hotchocolate01, 12 to Care for ethnic16, shortbread13

Picnichunt - profiteroles01, profiteroles02, profiteroles03, profiteroles04, profiteroles05, profiteroles-master, waffles10, caramel04, vanilla, cream, pears12, cranberries09, cream, oil, ethnic21 (choice), ethnic22(choice)
Scrambled - grapefruit04, licorice19, pizzasauce, pomegranates07, sprinkles10, salt, limes16, waffles08, eggs, beans01, greenbeans16, mozzerella, eggnog07, cinnamon11, flour, cream, preserves17, croissants02, butter, vanilla, potatoes02, celery19, breakfast02, brownsugar, oil, trifle20, hotpeppers12, christmas03, mozzarella, salt
Cafe - keylimepie05, devilsfoodcake03, sodabread07, buffalowings04
Blender - rolls19, hotdogs20, bleberries13, molasses, (coupon), starfruit15, beans18, macncheese02, milk, (coupon), bananas19, garlicbread17, applecider13, butter, parmesan, yams05, plumpudding10, bread12, molasses, vanilla, hotsauce, canadianbacon, eggs, flour, mayonnaise06, pizzasauce, redvelvetcake09, pizzacrust
Easy Puzzle - ethnic01, edam16, yogurt03, salt, onions10, caramel10, redfood01, vanilla
Food Glorious Food - stollen05, candycorn19, dragonfruit18, canadian bacon, greenbeans04, macncheese19, marshmallows04, pizzacrust
On the Menu - licorice02, nutmeg08, meatpie07, oil, flour, raspberries13, yulelog02, pomegranates11, mozzerella, vanilla
Put 'Em Together... - apricots03, roasties06, eggs, eggs, lollipops12, garlic15, brownsugar, salt Recipe for Disaster - burnt10, burnt03
Spillage - carrotcake04, gingerbreadhouse16, pricklypears05, blueberries19, fajitas03, ethnic15, stollen09, candycorn01
Supermarket Dash - sashimi03, dragonfruit10, edam05, creamcheese, dragonfruit10, coconuts16, croissants09, vinegar
Takeout - figs07, fishandchips19, sugar, eggs, fruitcake08, lettuce19, brownsugar, butter
Tickling Tastebuds - rhubarb09, oranges03, cream, yogurt17, olympics08, butter
What's Cooking? - pancakes05, wraps09, mozzerella, salt, sprouts05, fruits08, flour, sugar
Cuisine - soup12, peas05, onions10, sugar, chestnuts07, ham10, baguettes07, brownsugar
In the Kitchen - bellpeppers15, strawberries05, crackers01, hotsauce, cremebrulee06, plums11, empanadas02, brownsugar
Missing Ingredient - gnocchi15, baguettes08, cheddar, blackberries03, limes19, parmesan
Mixing Bowl - noodles13, coleslaw12, broccoli13, molasses, toffeeapples02, zongzi18, applecider12, hotsauce
Movie Night - hotpeppers08, creepycandy06, hotchocolate07, roasties04, milk, wontonsoup16, pizza13, fruitcake18, chestnuts08, pizzacrust
Trivia - peaches08, corn12, grapefruit14, pepperoni, breast16, beef06, pavlova08, yeast
Wrong Ingredient - bellpeppers08, preserves12, beef13, mozzerella, drumsticks06, waffles16, brocolli10, milk
Go Fish - meatpizza09, gummies04, sugar, recipe-ryebread, (coupon), strawberryrhubarbpie02, gummies12, butter, recipe-chickenfajitas, (coupon)
Grocery Store - 2 coupons for wraps20, wraps20
Kitchen - (Chicken Fajitas x3) - fajitas02, fajitas02, fajitas04, fajitas04, fajitas05, fajitas05, candycanes09, ginger04, oil, oil, papayas05, cranberrysauce12, oil, eggs, strawberries19, pasta13, salt, sugar, apples04, kiwi16, sugar, molasses
Kitchen - (Milk and Cookies x3) - milkandcookies05, milkandcookies05, milkandcookies07, milkandcookies07, milkandcookies08, milkandcookies08, redfood10, sprinkles20, pizzacrust, mozzarella, moussaka19, tofu03, oil, sausage, cranberrysauce14, pancakes20, oil, flour
Kitchen - (Rye Bread x7) - ryebread01, ryebread01, ryebread02, ryebread02, ryebread03, ryebread03, ryebread04, ryebread04, ryebread05, ryebread05, ryebread06, ryebread06, ryebread07 , ryebread07, christmas16, milk02, flour, flour, peas11, wraps16, salt, yeast, 4thjuly18, coffee16, milk, butter, mincepie05, croissants14, sausage, pizzasauce, tiramisu07, toast04, pizzacrust, sugar, grapes11, garlic18, butter, oil, satay08, stollen14, salt, flour
Kitchen - (Meat Pizza x2) - meatpixxa06, meatpizza06, meatpizza10, meatpizza10, petitfours07, petitfours16, milk, milk, frenchtoast01, roasties11, oil, flour
Master - (Meat Pizza) - milkandcookies09, yulelog09, yulelog10, licorice09, meatpie01, meatpie05, flour, sugar, oil
Level Up - (20, 21) - yulelog05, yulelog13, yulelog15, yulelog16, pecans18, salad11, kiwi14, maplesyrup09, garlic11, dragonfruit06
Grocery Store - 2 coupons for yulelog18, yulelog19
Master - (Yule Log) - frozentreat21, frozentreat22, pizza11, plumpudding02, dango07, milk, butter, creamcheese
Kitchen - (Popcorn Balls x2) - popcornballs06, popcornballs06, popcornballs07, popcornballs07, hotfudge10, garlic09, oil, sugar, noodles07, spaghetti10, vinegar, flour
Kitchen - (Mayonnaise x2) - mayonnaise04, mayonnaise04, mayonnaise05, mayonnaise05, creepycandy02, pretzels05, flour, milk, tofu02, yams12, flour, milk
Kitchen - (Cinnamon Raisin Bread x2) - cinnamonraisinbread06, cinnamonraisinbread06, cinnamonraisinbread07, cinnamonraisinbread07, broccoli12, lasagna12, salt, oil, waffles18, yogurt14, brownsugar, yeast
Grocery Store - 4 coupons for cinnamonraisinbread08
Master - (Cinnamon Raisin Bread) - milkandcookies10, frozentreat23, frozentreat24, pancakes18, toast12, frenchtoast16, flour, sugar, flour
Master - (Milk and Cookies) - bananasplits09, frozentreat25, frozentreat26, honey20, xmascookies03, dips03, vinegar, flour, oil
Trade Rewards (200) trades04, birthday01, frozentreat27, frozentreat28, cranberrysauce03, hardcandy18, licorice15, pears02, coconuts05, butter, baking soda, butter

Trade - applepie20, battenberg08, bbq06, bbq10, bbq12, blueberries13, blueberries19, breakfast02, breakfast12, candybars02, candybars05, candybars20, candycorn01, candycorn03, candycorn08, candycorn19, cannolis01, caramel09, caramel10, caramel11, creepycandy02, creepycandy06, creepycandy12, creepycandy20, cremebrulee05, cremebrulee06, cremebrulee14, cremebrulee18, gum11, gum15, jellybeans11, jellybeans17, jellybeans20 to Emma for apricots09, apricots14, blackberries05, grapefruit08, lasagna06, maplesyrup17, maplesyrup18, raspberries07, sashimi17, toffeeaples13, bellpeppers07, carrots06, carrots08, cherries02, cherries12, cherries15, cherries16, cherries17, cinnamon08, cinnamon13, ginger10, honey03, onion08, onion10, onion15, pasta07, pecans11, pecans13, rhubarb05, rhubarb10, toast03, toast10, toast12 (&mc)
Trade Rewards (250) trades05, birthday02, frozentreat29, frozentreat30, rhubarb10, beans04, pumpkins01, tuna01, marshmallows10, pizzacrust, yeast, butter
Level Up - (22) - redfood21, redfood24, tuna09, wraps07, waffles16

Shopping List Rewards - wheatbread09, lollipops20, olives18, oil, eggs(coupon)
Index freebies - breakfast04, beans16
Lottery - bbq20, raisins18
Find the Cupcake - molassescookies01, petitfours11, shortbread07, prickleypears09, oil
Crossword - zongzi01, sashimi01, bento16, flour (coupon)
Wrong Ingredient - pavlova07, shortbread09, garlicbread14, milk
Trivia - noodles08, pancakes08, rhubarb03, flour
Movie Night - grains03, lettuce11, pasta08, cantaloupe09, creamcheese
Mixing Bowl - grains12, noodles13, lasagna16, oil
Missing Ingredient - rolls02, honey04, cream
MASH - cupcakes02, empanadas14, pancakes17, milk, flour
In the Kitchen - baguettes15, breast18, parsnips13, flour
Cuisine - 4thjuly05, tofu04, ginger13, yeast
Go Fish - strawberryrhubarbpie09, toast20, oil, recipe-lemonmeringuepie (coupon)

Trade - gnocchi07, gnocchi11, gnocchi15, grapes01, grapes09, grapes11, scones19, soda16, soda17, mayonnaise03, mayonnaise04, mayonnaise05, bananas19(x2, for baking), recipe-cinnamonraisinbread, recipe-meatpizza, recipe-milkandcookies, recipe-pumpkinpie to Hayley for sashimi10, sashimi11, sashimi12, sashimi18, sashimi20, ethnic02, ethnic10, fastfood15, guava01, guava12, guava13, guava15, guava16, guava19, redfood15, redfood23, redfood29, recipe-chocolatechipcookies, recipe-chocolatemousse, recipe-creampuffs, recipe-gingerbreadcookies
Trade - liquor19 to Rena for bread10 (&mc)
Kitchen - (Chocolate Mousse x2) - chocolatemousse01, chocolatemousse01, chocolatemousse03, chocolatemousse03, papayas02, celery02, butter, bakingsoda, bread05, bellpeppers10, yeast, flour
Master - (Chocolate Mousse) - birthday03, sashimi02, sashimi05, fruits19, bread17, bellpeppers04, mozzerella, butter, oil
Master - (sashimi) - guava08, guava10, fruits04, macncheese15, raspberries02, eggs, brownsugar, flour
Kitchen - (Popcorn Balls x2) - popcornballs08, popcornballs08, popcornballs09, popcornballs09, chocolate14, chicken05, butter, yeast, fries13, pumpkins09, vanilla, brownsugar
Master - (Popcorn Balls) - birthday04, guava04, guava05, bbq19, candybars07, macncheese08, foodcoloring, butter, oil
Masterchef - Hard Puzzle - shortbread16, potatoes08, foodcoloring, vanilla
Masterchef - Appetizers - dips06, maplesyrup16, bakingsoda
Masterchef - Buffet - candycorn17, mochi14, candybars14, cupcakes11, jellybeans09
Masterchef - Chef - (coupon)
Masterchef - Fast Food - wraps04, frozentreat13, starfruit19, pepperoni
Masterchef - Go Fishing Again - oatmealcookies10, fortunecookies10, butter, recipe-pepperonipizza (coupon)
Masterchef - Hidden Treats - bananasplits02, jacketpotato08, battenberg13
Masterchef - Hangman - pierogi06, yulelog11, fries03, tofu09, stollen10, cocktails08, honey10, tea01
Masterchef - Spillage - strawberryshortcake08, strawberrysmoothies01, xmascookies18, grains14, fortunecookies09
Masterchef - Stocking Up - pepperoni, sugar, oil, pizzasauce, pepperoni
Level Up - (23) - chocolate20, chocolate20, bananas06, spaghetti12, hotchocolate15

Trade - cheescake08** to Rena for ethnic04, ethnic20, hotchocolate08
Trade Rewards (300) trades06, birthday06, redfood27, redfood30, lollipops15, bacon16, raisins09, soup09, ramen12, eggs, sugar, butter

Trade - garlic18, gnocchi07, goulash02, zucchini18, cinnamonraisinbread06 (4), chicken05, chicken06, chicken13, chicken14, coleslaw12, coleslaw20, cottoncandy09, cottoncandy19, crackers01, grains12, hotpeppers12, sprouts05 to Suza for guava20, toffeeapples12, fastfood08, 4thjuly07, blackberries02, blackberries04, blackberries12, fruits11, fruits16, grapefruit06, grilledcheese02, grilledcheese15, grilledcheese20, lasagna20, lollipops02, lollipops05, buffalowings01 (4)
Trade - eggnog04, eggnog07, eggnog14, goulash01, goulash14, goulash19, peaches08, peaches18, peaches20 to KellieDee for fastfood01, garlic04, licorice08, fishnchips14, sashimi17, bellpeppers05, bellpeppers07, muffins02, olives15
Mastered - fruits21, fruits22, icecream17, steak04, cranberries07, sugar, cheddar, salt

Trade - christmas16, dips06, garlic09, garlic11, garlic18, milk02, plums11, preserves12, preserves15, preserves17, pricklypears05, stollen14, tuna09, wraps07, wraps09, xmascookies03, yams05, milkandcookies07****, milkandcookies08**** to Bev for 4thjuly02, 4thjuly06, 4thjuly16, 4thjuly19, 4thjuly20, apricots01, apricots02, apricots10, apricots17, apricots20, blackberries07, blackberries11, blackberries13, blackberries20, bread04, frozentreat02, frozentreat03, frozentreat06, frozentreat11, frozentreat20, grapefruit13, lollipops18, maplesyrup02, toffeeapples03, toffeeapples04, toffeeapples06, toffeeapples07
Trade - mc to Rinlingyo
Trade - licorice16, licorice19 to Carrie for 4thofjuly12, macandcheese13 (&mc)
Updates - HOLIDAYS, layout12, chocolatecake06, cherries03, hotdogs17, flour, cream, (coupon), carbonara01, cbltclub01, cheeseburgers01, cheesesteak01, jamtarts01,
BWF - Exposure Points - onions14, limes12, satay06, corn12, plums15, passionfruit18, gnocchi11, lychees13, 2 choice cards: frozentreat16, 17
Trade Rewards (350) - birthday07, blackberries15, blackberries19, carrots16, bellpeppers01, rice06, hardcandy04, ginger19, oil, cream, flour
Index Freebies - cupcakes08, cheese06
Masterchef - Appetizers - latkes02, onions16
Masterchef - Buffet - peaches01, coconuts06, mangoes06, fries11, breakfast15
Masterchef - Card Puzzle - gingerbreadhouse19, grains04, oil, sugar
Masterchef - Chef - (coupon)
Masterchef - Fast Food - edam02, mochi08, vanilla
Masterchef - Hangman - figs05, applepie10, 4thjuly17, raspberries16, breast09, yogurt10, apricots20, toast05
Masterchef - Hidden Treats - chocmuffins03, creampuffs10, honey02
Masterchef - Spillage - Extra Messy - cheesesteak03, molassescookies08, cocktails18, squash20, carrots15
Masterchef - Stocking Up - yeast, pepperoni, molasses, cream, flour
Masterchef - Go Fishing Again - devilsfoodcake07, grapefruit17, butter, (coupon), recipe-bananasplits

Picnichunt - alamode01, alamode03
Egghunt - (2) fortunecookies03, hotpeppers06, lasagna07, chocbunnies19, easter02
Egghunt - (3) sashimi08, breast05, hotfudge20, simnelcake20, easter03
Egghunt - (4) maplesyrup07, 4thjuly15, cheese07, peeps12, easter04
Egghunt - (5) nutmeg12, fortunecookies12, chicken15, simnelcake17, easter05
Egghunt - (8) redfood16, onigiri04, lettuce08, chocbunnies08, easter08
Egghunt - (9) ham15, sprinkles15, edam17, hotxbuns13, easter09
EGGS-TRAORDINARY - wraps17, squash11, plums12, chocbunnies20, easter16

Updates - wine09, cabbage06, boiledeggs11, beansprouts11, beets12, events13
Egg Workshop - recipe-paintedeggs, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03 (painted 3 eggs)
Picnichunt - alamode02, alamode04, pricklypears16, gingerbread17, baking soda, vinegar
Egghunt - (1) eggsx12, easter01
Egghunt - (6) peas01, sausages18, bellpeppers07, chocbunnies02, easter06
Egghunt - (7) rhubarb10, peeps04, bbq04, eastereggs14, easter07
Egghunt - (10) fries19, shortbread14, strawberries15, chocbunnies05, easter10
Shopping List - chocmuffins06, 4thjuly14, cocktails14, eggs, eggs, (coupon)
Food Coloring - foodcoloringx16
Vinegar - vinegarx16
EGGS - rhubarb03, burgers04, candybars09, peeps16, easter11
EGGS-ACTLY - plumpudding12, grapefruit18, lasagna10, eastercookies02, easter12
EGGS-AMPLE - gnocchi18, pecans09, muffins02, eastereggs10, easter13
EGGS-CELLENT - popcorn07, goulash02, cinnamon12, simnelcake03, easter14
EGGS-CITING - chicken19, pecans05, cheese11, peeps18, easter15
EGGS-PECTATIONS - chicken18, moussaka02, pricklypears12, goldeggs02, easter17
EGGS-TRAVAGANCA - broccoli20, lychees03, starfruit11, eastercookies19, easter18
EGGS-AGERATE - sprouts12, apples18, fishandchips09, hotxbuns20, macncheese01, croissants04, halloween06, simnelcake08, cinnamon19, bacon05, milk10, hotxbuns03, easter19
EGGS-IT - breast04, squash03, bbq18, hotxbuns04, easter20
Trade - ryebread04 to rainey for bread13 and 19

Easy Puzzle - ethnic18, cinnamon03, ethnic17, butter
Food Glorious Food - nutmeg06, coconuts10, grapes20, foodcoloring
On the Menu - choceggs11, guava16, coffee11, eggs
Put' Em Together... - liquor02, chocbunnies11, icecream03, vanilla01
Recipe for Disaster - burnt06
Spillage - chocolatecake09, eclairs16, greenbeans05, gnocchi05
Supermarket Dash - hotchocolate15, ginger18, pineapple09, foodcoloring
Takeout - xmascookies08, beansprouts06, flour, butter
Tickling Tastebuds - soda08, apricots16,
What's Cooking - eastereggs09, pricklypears12, yeast, bakingsoda
Hard Puzzle - parsnips20, potatoes19, soup07, gingerbreadhouse17, xmascookies12, sugar, foodcoloring, flour, recipe-macaroons, puzzle10 (coupon)
Cuisine - gummies17, coffee12, breakfast07, eggs
In the Kitchen - icecream10, toast15, hotfudge12, hotsauce
Missing Ingredient - spaghetti04, pineapple02, milk
Mixing Bowl - hotchocolate20, apricots07, plumpudding09, pizzasauce
Movie Night - onions02, cupcakes19, cinnamon16, breakfast09 flour
Trivia - bananas16, halloween14, sprinkles13, hotsauce
Wrong Ingredient - meatpie01, dips05, fastfood04, milk
Memory - chicken15, onigiri14, butter, salt
Scrambled - popcorn19, shortbread05, eggs, grapes05, papayas08, vinegar, ethnic19, onions19, butter03, vinegar, wontonsoup07, chocbunnies16, chocbunnies13, foodcoloring, mozzarella
Go Fish - jacketpotato01, pumpkins03, milk, recipe-buffalowings, (coupon)
Egg Workshop - paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, paintedeggs01, paintedeggs02, paintedeggs03, (painted 27 eggs)
Trade - christmas03, noodles03, noodles07, noodles13, paella02 to Allison for bread14, toffeeapples16, frozentreat01, fastfood01, fastfood19
Trade - xmascookies18, wraps04, rolls09, ketchup11 to Bev for bread20, fastfood03, fastfood04, fastfood06
Index Freebies - fruits03, sprinkles19

CHALLENGE #1 - toast05, olympics03, nutmeg11, chocbunnies04, easter21
CHALLENGE #2 - toffeeapples09, noodles15, raisins01, eastereggs05, easter22
CHALLENGE #3 - broccoli02, hotfudge13, toffeeapples15, peeps15, easter23
CHALLENGE #4 - 4thjuly04, caramel12, fishandchips13, chocbunnies18, easter24
CHALLENGE #5 - burgers08, yogurt18, roasties15, chocbunnies03, easter25
CHALLENGE #6 - bananas02, icecream05, pears03, peeps14, easter26
CHALLENGE #7 - oranges17, redfood07, 4thjuly10, hotxbuns19, easter27
CHALLENGE #8 - bananas18, cupcakes13, fortunecookies07, hotxbuns12, easter28
CHALLENGE #9 - ginger09, spookycookies16, frozentreat10, chocbunnies17, easter29
CHALLENGE #10 - strawberries17, nutmeg09, soda07, chocbunnies10, easter30
Cuisine - breast05, dango04, breast16, flour
In the Kitchen - spookycookies05, burgers03, marzipan13, milk
Mash - boiledeggs16, breast11, eclairs02, mozzarella, eggs
Missing Ingredient - cottoncandy18, olympics06, milk
Mixing Bowl - scones20, icecream03, wine05, pizzacrust
Movie Night - wine20, croissants17, wraps20, choceggs19, foodcoloring
Trivia - applepie14, guava07, pierogi13, milk
Wrong Ingredient - bananas18, raisins03, soda12, hotsauce
Crossword - hotchocolate14, caramel18, strawberries04, pizzasauce (coupon)
Find the Cupcake - jamtarts09, toffeeapples06, empanadas03, chestnuts14, vanilla
Go Fish - fajitas09, gum17, recipe-strawberrysmoothies (coupon)

Kitchen - (Buffalo Wings x4) - buffalowings02, buffalowings02, buffalowings06, buffalowings06, buffalowings08, buffalowings08, buffalowings09, buffalowings09, hotfudge11, popcorn16, bakingsoda, cheddar, peeps01, hotdogs15, butter, milk, icecream19, nutmeg05, flour, flour, fruitcake09, liquor20, hotsauce01, milk
Grocery Store - icecream03, bananas18, bananas18, wraps20, wraps20, wraps20
Kitchen - (Banana Split x5) - bananasplits01, bananasplits01, bananasplits03, bananasplits03, bananasplits04, bananasplits04, bananasplits05, bananasplits05, bananasplits06, bananasplits06, cherries03, toast08, oil, milk, ginger16, olives16, salt, flour, drumsticks18, tea04, hotsauce, mozzarella03, popcorn15, greenbeans15, oil, mozzerella, cranberries11, dragonfruit12, brownsugar, bakingsoda
Kitchen - (Rye Bread x3) -
ryebread07, ryebread07, ryebread08, ryebread08, ryebread09, ryebread09, paella16, grains11, milk, sugar, christmas01, sprinkles07, yeast, milk, honey17, meatpie08, eggs, sugar
Kitchen - (Chicken Fajitas x4) -
licorice03, marzipan04, milk, parmesan, popcorn02, toffeeapples01, creamcheese, vanilla, cottoncandy02, yogurt09, milk, vinegar
Kitchen - (Macaroons x8) - macaroons01, macaroons01, macaroons02, macaroons02, macaroons03, macaroons03, macaroons04, macaroons04, macaroons05, macaroons05, macaroons06, macaroons06, macaroons07, macaroons07, macaroons08, macaroons08, hotfudge12, bacon03, cheddar, flour03, oatmeal14, moussaka07, eggs, flour, milkshakes06, tuna06, hotsauce, foodcoloring, pasta07, pretzels07, creamcheese, oil, fortunecookies20, macncheese04, pizzasauce, molasses, dragonfruit19, pretzels20, hotsauce, butter, wine15, corn11, butter, butter, mushrooms11, starfruit04, flour, brownsugar
Kitchen - (Strawberry Smoothies x7) -
strawberrysmoothies02, strawberrysmoothies02, strawberrysmoothies03, strawberrysmoothies03, strawberrysmoothies04, strawberrysmoothies04, strawberrysmoothies05, strawberrysmoothies05, strawberrysmoothies07, strawberrysmoothies07, strawberrysmoothies08, strawberrysmoothies08, strawberrysmoothies09, strawberrysmoothies09, ketchup18, gingerbread08, milk, brownsugar, plumpudding13, cantaloupe03, hotsauce, creamcheese, toast15, strawberries10, cheddar, yeast, hotfudge15, candycanes17, molasses, foodcoloring, plumpudding17, oranges17, milk, eggs, coleslaw02, milkshakes10, bakingsoda, eggs, cocktails16, garlicbread06, baking soda, pizzacrust
Kitchen - (Pepperoni Pizza x5) - pepperonipizza01, pepperonipizza01, pepperonipizza02, pepperonipizza02, pepperonipizza03, pepperonipizza03, pepperonipizza04, pepperonipizza04, pepperonipizza05, pepperonipizza05, drumsticks17, croissants10, pizzacrust, hotsauce, peeps17, hotpeppers09, cream, oil, chocolate05, cranberries11, mozzerella, vanilla, greenbeans01, pasta05, mozzerella, butter, wraps13, candybars08, yeast01, pizzacrust
Mastered - (Buffalo Wings) - birthday08, bread06, bread09, yams20, gnocchi02, preserves18, vinegar, bakingsoda, butter
Mastered - (Banana Split) - birthday09, bread15, bread16, jackolantern19, coffee10, redfood08, milk, yeast, foodcoloring
Mastered - (Rye Bread) - birthday10, toffeapples08, toffeapples14, sprinkles06, soup11, milk03, vanilla, oil, yeast
Mastered - (Chicken Fajitas) - birthday11, 4thjuly01, 4thjuly09, celery18, trifle02, pretzels15, yeast, salt, flour
Mastered - (Strawberry Smoothies) - birthday12, 4thjuly12, blackberries10, beans13, spookycookies03, sprinkles14, vinegar, sugar, bakingsoda
Easter Basket - recipe-cheesepizza, shooflypie09, strawberryrhubarbpie05, chocolatechipcookies05, strawberryrhubarbpie01, pecanpie06, cocktails10, pineapple13, popcorn05, raisins17, bagels01, simnelcake10, chocbunnies07, peeps13, simnelcake13, eastercookies10, puzzle04, puzzle05, frozentreat12, frozentreat18, frozentreat19
Mastered - (Painted Eggs) - blackberries09, blackberries14, preserves02, beef10, zongzi14, pizzasauce03, cheddar, salt
Mastered - (Easter Cupcakes) - puzzle03, frozentreat05, fastfood02, lemons07, edam05, icecream11, passionfruit13, peeps09, milk, salt, salt, oil, sugar
Mastered - (Bread) - ethnic03, ethnic05, raspberries14, lollipops14, marzipan05, sausage, vinegar, hotsauce
Mastered - (Toffee Apples) - ethnic06, ethnic07, beef17, pecans09, bagels13, butter, milk, sugar
Mastered - (4th July) - ethnic08, ethnic09, dango18, rolls04, cabbage19, parmesan, eggs, sugar
Mastered - (Frozen Treats) - puzzle02, ethnic12, ethnic13, liquor19, tomatoes16, beans06, chocbunnies06, cottoncandy20, brownsugar, eggs, pizzasauce, salt, pepperoni
Mastered - (Blackberries) - ethnic14, ethnic16, starfruit17, chicken11, eastereggs01, eggs, eggs, butter
Mastered - (ethnic) - puzzle01, chocbunnies09, chocbunnies12, crackers19, edam04, cottoncandy14, fortunecookies18, sausages11, parmesan, mozzerella, eggs

Level Up - (24, 25, 26) - fruits23, fruits24, fruits25, fruits26, fruits27, fruits28, latkes06, choceggs07, yulelog16, spaghetti08, jellybeans06, pierogi10, lychees16, avocados08, dragonfruit10
Kitchen - (Sugar Cookies x5) - sugarcookies04, sugarcookies04, sugarcookies06, sugarcookies06, sugarcookies07, sugarcookies07, sugarcookies08, sugarcookies08, sugarcookies10, sugarcookies10, fruits04, fruitcake10, bakingsoda, molasses, doughnuts01, lychees11, sugar, butter, fruitcake02, oatmeal18, mozzerella, salt, scones03, stollen08, pizzasauce, sugar, burgers12, hotchocolate13, brownsugar, butter
Mastered - (Sugar Cookies) - events12, fruits29, fruits30, frenchtoast10, cottoncandy01, gingerbread11, eggs, flour, eggs
Kitchen - (Gingerbread Cookies x3) - gingerbreadcookies01, gingerbreadcookies01, gingerbreadcookies02, gingerbreadcookies02, gingerbreadcookies03, gingerbreadcookies03, grapes19, dragonfruit02, brownsugar, eggs, hardcandy11, puto13, flour, salt, stollen07, cottoncandy10, pizzacrust, flour
Level Up - (27) - chocbunnies01, apricots04, paella01, rolls20, kiwi08

Pending Trade Offers:

Trade - cabbage19, choceggs11, choceggs19, eastercookies19, grapes20, lettuce11, rolls19, rootbeerfloats07***, rootbeerfloats10***, applecider03, applecider12, applecider13, applecider14, applecider19, ham10, ham15, oranges03, pizza18, sprinkles07, sprinkles14, spagbol10***, apples07, eastereggs01, eastereggs10, goldeggs02, hotdogs17, hotdogs20, milk03, milk10, milk12, milk15, stuffing12, wraps17 to Aris for chocbunnies15, fortunecookies04, fortunecookies05, fortunecookies19, cherries02, cherries14, cocktails02, cocktails06, cocktails07, cocktails12, coffee04, coffee05, coffee09, coffee17, fruits10, fruits14, fruits18, hotchocolate12, hotchocolate17, lasagna15, maplesyrup12, maplesyrup15, muffins03, muffins05, muffins08, olympics01, olympics10, olympics11, olympics18, popcorn03, popcorn04, popcorn13, raspberries01, raspberries19, shortbread13, shortbread15, turkey03, turkey08, turkey12, turkey18, waffles15, peeps20 (42)

Trade - apples01, apples04, apples07, apples18, apples19 to Nefa for chocbunnies14, apricots08, fruits03, grapefruit01, grapefruit15 & mc (6)

Wanted for Recipes:
General Items - (mayonnaise), bacon, carrot, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut, ginger, honey, lemon, lime, pasta, pecans, raisins, rhubarb, strawberry, toast, tomato
Specific Items - beans13, beans16, beef04, breast02, chocolate20, corn09, crackers17, garlic16, grains05, lettuce01, potatoes02, spaghetti10, toast13, tomato17, tuna01

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